The Falconer is a Seattle area based company specializing in all things birds of prey! We offer many different raptor related services:
-Raptor education programs
-Birthday Parties
-Personal Events
-Store Openings
-Event Speaking
-Hawk Walks
-Camp Fires
-Hunting experices
-Drawing/Skeatching encounters
-And Many More!!! 
The falconer is owned and operated by John Prucich.  John's professional and personal background is anchored in the field of birds. A duel BS/BA degrees in Biology with an emphasis in ornithology From the Evergreen State College. As well as a previous professional background working with zoo raptors for over three years with both the Woodland Park Zoo, and Northwest Trek Wildlife Park gaining fantastic public speaking and general public relations abilities. Personally, John is a licensed practicing Falconer in Washington State since 2010. John Started The Falconer out of his love of raptors, and to share that love with the public.   
Animal Welfare 
Here at the Falconer animal welfare is our first priority. All birds used in our programs are captive born & trained using only positive reinforcement training (no negative, no yelling, no hitting). We like our birds happy and healthy! Our professional and personal background gives us the tools to give the best possible care to our birds. The Birds here at The Falconer are ambassadors for wild birds of prey but also for the natural word. Our main goal through our work is to inspire people through the power of raptors with education, entertainment, commercial, and beyond!

Listed below are links for more information about falconry, or if an injured wild raptor is found.

-Falconry Links:
The North American Falconers Association (NAFA)
Washington Falconer's Association
Falconry in the State of Washington, Fish & Wildlife

-Injured Wild Raptors
Wildlife Rehabilitation in Washington State
Cascades Raptor Center
Paws Wildlife Seattle